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    I have recently upgrade my 8900 to v5.0.0.411 OS - and since then i am unable to pair the phone with my bluetooth in my car.

    When i connect my old Bold (running 4.7 OS) I search and it finds 'Ford Audio'. The Sat Nav in my car then gives me a random 4 digit passcode to enter into my phone. Once i've done that is say the device is bonded - job done.

    When i try the same thing with my 8900, it finds 'Ford Audio' and asks for the passcode, but the random passcode isnt displayed on the sat nav.

    The only different setting between the phones are that on the 8900 'Desktop Connectivity and 'Wireless Bypass' are greyed out.

    This is driving me crackers now. If anyone out there can help, I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance
    02-06-10 01:51 PM
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    Vodafone have told me to use the previous OS v4.6
    02-08-10 06:01 AM