1. likonvampire's Avatar
    I just moved from my 9000 device to the 9700 and liking the new device minus the BT headaches with the Mazda in-car bluetooth sync.

    I was using .743 Rogers official release on the 9700 and had loads of issues with the a/v connections moving back and forth between connecting and disconnecting . So I downgraded my OS to the Bell release which is .545 and it seems to work better now .
    I also tried replacing the .cod's on .743 with the .545 ones but that was of no use.

    But now the device never displays the incoming call number on the front display now as it used to with my 9000 . Can anybody help me how to get that back ? Is it something to do with TTY as I didnt install it on .545 ?

    Thanks in advance
    07-04-10 12:43 PM