1. Romanu's Avatar
    Since upgrading to .983, I am having issues with my bluetooth headphones. The headphones connect but for whatever reason the Stereo Audio profile is not loading and I can't listen to my music. Obviously its something with the current version of the OS but I don't want to downgrade.

    So my question is how would I go about getting the bluetooth.cod file from a previous OS version/App Loader and install it onto the phone?? I tried doing some searches but I'm probably not using the right parameters.

    Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.

    10-20-10 08:31 PM
  2. RHChan84's Avatar
    Reset BT and reconnect. I just tested my BT and it works. It's a normal BT but able to play audio. BlueAnt T1 if anyone was wondering.
    10-20-10 08:37 PM
  3. Romanu's Avatar
    I have tried deleting the device, turning BT on and off, restarting several times and it is just not loading the Stereo Audio profile. BT conneccts but has a red x next to Stereo Audio and it is not listed under the services in Device Properties. I have figured out where the BT.cod file is and am trying previous versions to see it it will work. If anyone else has had this issue please let me know how you resolved it. Thanks.

    10-20-10 10:08 PM
  4. tabocaw's Avatar
    Well i have a bluetooth stereo headset and have no problems with .983. Did you do a clean install on it? I used bbsak to do a wipe on my phone then installed the os. For some reason that seems to help.
    10-20-10 10:45 PM
  5. Romanu's Avatar
    It was wiped prior to installation of the new OS. Glad to hear it is working for someone though.
    10-21-10 02:13 AM