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    I have a strange issue that did not happen with either my 8330 or my 9630 (os 5.0). Now that I have my 9700, I am having problems with it when using it in my car's speakerphone. When both my 8330 and 9630 were paired and connected, an outgoing call would transfer immediately over to the speakerphone and I would hear the ringing through the speakers in my car. Now, with my 9700, when I make a call, the ringing happens over its earphone and when the person I'm calling finally answers, it transfers over to the speakerphone. This is annoying because it takes about 5 seconds for the transfer to happen and they are always saying "hello, hello".

    Is this happening because T-Mobile doesn't start the call timer until the person answers, which, unlike verizon, starts the call timer immediately upon dialing the number?

    I'm curious if others have this issue and what they've done to fix it (if possible). Thx!

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    04-04-10 07:50 PM