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    Today, Apple just announced Bluetooth HID keyboard support for iPhone/iPod Touch OS 4.0. Obviously, this will benefit Freedom Input too -- a company that sells folding Bluetooth keyboards for BlackBerries and other phones -- and no doubt they will take advantage of the Apple market in addition to RIM.

    But, is generic Bluetooth keyboard support for Blackberry planned?

    Does anyone know if Research In Motion would be releasing HID keyboard support so that any generic off-the-market Bluetooth keyboard will function with BlackBerries.

    I'm deaf since birth, so for years, I have used keyboards more often than speaking -- they are essential assistive devices in my life. As I am almost totally deaf with limited help from hearing aids, I can't make phone calls directly. I have to use a (youtube link) on the BlackBerry, it's still slower than speaking. Therefore, I often carry an accessory keyboard with my BlackBerry/iPod/etc too.

    (BTW -- I actually own more than half a dozen folding keyboards of several brands, as I wear many of them out. Most durable model so far has been ThinkOutside Stowaway Ultraslim, which I wish would work on my BlackBerry Bold. Maybe Freedom Input will license that discontinued design from iGo and restart manufacturing those wonderful slim keyboards?)

    Regardless (even if not for me), I think the time is ripe for Research In Motion to add official external keyboard support to their BlackBerries. I'd really like RIM to add official native Bluetooth keyboard support, and Apple may have just lit a fire under RIM to do so.
    04-08-10 02:18 PM