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    I just got a blackberry pearl 8130 I cant get my phone to connect to any other device using bluetooth. What a i doing wrong? It'll start to connect like every thing is fine then will disconnect and give me a error message about it not being able to connect. Please Help!!
    08-16-08 09:38 PM
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    I'm going to assume you have the devices paired, since you say it starts to connect. There are at least two items to check. First, be sure the Bluetooth Activity LED is enabled on your 8130. Strange as it seems, turning that LED off (because its blinking annoys you, for example) will cause the connection to fail.

    Second, go to Manage Connections / Bluetooth Options / select the device you are trying to link to, and press Menu / Device Properties / Refresh Service List. If you get a brief (it won't stay on the screen) message that says unable to connect, try again until it does connect.
    Once this works, you can connect.
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    08-16-08 09:57 PM