1. akurah's Avatar
    I've got two questions. Please forgive my compete newbie-ism! I've read the Blackberry 101 lecture series, and if it was addressed there, I must have managed to miss it.

    Anyways... question one. When I had my Sidekick LX, whenever I ended a call using my bluetooth headset by pressing the button on the headset, it would make a sound to notify me the call hung up. When I do it with my Blackberry, there is no sound. Is there any way to set it up so that it makes a sound when it successfully hangs up the phone? I'd hate to think it hung up only for it to still be connected--could lead to embarrassment!

    Question two. I have a MacBook that has bluetooth. If the Blackberry utility software were installed on it, could I sync the MacBook and my blackberry via Bluetooth, without having to use the USB cable? If yes, are there any limitations as to what I can do if synced like that?

    06-27-08 04:00 PM