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    Hi guys,what are the best bluetooth headset brands currently available in the market?Planning to buy one. Preferred price range $30-$50..Thanks
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    06-15-08 03:53 PM
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    There is no best brand.. But currently the Jawbone 2 and Blue Ant Z9i are considered the best.
    06-15-08 09:32 PM
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    Probably the best way to find the best headset within your price range is to see which ones are in your price range and the look around for consumer reviews and see which one(s) you will want to get. If more than one then you could seek recommendations from there if you want.

    Obviously features will be important depending on how it will be used. For example a good noise cancelling mic if you are frequently outside or in places with a lot of background noise. BT2.0 has greater range so if you will be using it at distances from the connected device then you will want that.

    I've only had the one headset and am also searching for a new headset but my requirements are quite specific. I believe I listed them in a thread I started for seeking help in locating a headset to fit the requirements. But somehow I don't think hardly anyone here is that into BT to offer any pointers other than the few headsets available here that mostly meet the reqs.

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    06-16-08 12:49 AM
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    Thanks a lot for the info
    06-16-08 07:33 PM