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    I've been searching everywhere for a GPS tracking application (to send a phone's location to a server, view on the web) that will work with my Blackberry 7100i running firmware 4.1. I've found a few mapping apps like Live Mobile Search (excellent, highly recommended) that do a great job of connecting to my bluetooth receiver despite the older firmware.

    I've been using the GPS tracking app Accutracking for years, and they have blackberry versions that work with bluetooth - but only on the newer firmware 4.2. It seems that with the new firmware there is an API so the app doesn't have to access NMEA data directly from the bluetooth serial port, as must be done with firmware 4.1.

    It's frustrating though, that mapping apps will connect to the bluetooth receiver while I can't find a single tracking app that will. The only difference is that one sends my location out to someplace it is stored instead of just sending it to Live.com or Google Maps in order to get a map back to the phone.
    02-18-08 05:07 PM