1. raverx3m's Avatar
    ok when using MGMaps with BT GPS.
    before doing anything else,go to settings advanced, GPS and set GPS data source to locate your BT gps unit and refresh location. to make sure it is findign you.
    i ve spent last hour trying to figure out why my maps would not update.
    01-28-09 04:42 PM
  2. ooLOVEandPEACE00's Avatar

    What receiver do you have? I've been doing research with no luck. I'm tempted to get a key chain receiver and attach it to my case but I'm afraid that it won't be as powerful as bigger sizes. Also, does the map on your phone still work when at a place with no reception...? Thanks =)
    02-04-09 08:00 PM
  3. raverx3m's Avatar
    short lived victory.
    the BB is back on top.

    i took it for a spin and was happy to anounce that i finally got it to work.
    it followed my car pretty good.
    then i havent used it for a week or so.

    now it updates the position only at startup and stays there. its fkin annoying.
    i almost threw it out the window.
    because i havent changed a single setting on my phone since last use and now it would not give me a real GPS tracking. i have to restart MGMaps to read current location. i donno wtf i was really frustrated.

    anyone can help solve that problem?
    02-05-09 01:33 AM