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    I have purchased a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 and a new laptop Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 (64 bit). Trying to establish a Bluetooth connection has turned out to be a nightmare. The problem does not seem to be unique to me, desperate calls for help in this respect are all over the internet but no one really has a solution (those suggested in this forum do not solve my problem). It's been many months since the problem has been around and yet...

    Description of the problem:

    Connecting my phone to the laptop for the first time (having installed my BlackBerry Desktop Manager) automatically installs drivers. All goes smoothly except for two drivers "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" which can't be found. Troubleshooting doesn't work, can't be found.

    I attempted for the solution suggested below. However, while it "solved" the problem in the sense that the device seems to be added in full, with no troubleshooting warnings on top of it, launching the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and attempting to establish connection is even more frustrating. Now I can't get connection at all (although the smart phone shows it's connected, the Desktop Manager does not and it asks for a PIN but at the same time I can't even enter the PIN into the field it is asking for - simply a mess).

    The problem has been widely reported around the internet and so I was expecting that such basic issues would be fixed by the relevant parties within weeks of their discovery. I could not be more wrong: I am not asking for a miracle, just basic functionality - connecting my computer and my phone via Bluetooth.

    Anyone has found a real solution to this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Windows 7 Bluetooth Blackberry Fix

    Spent many hours on this, finally got laptop support level 2 at AT&T guy put me on the right track.

    Go to Device Manager, find the two problem child entries
    -- the 2 "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" entries that don't have drivers.

    Right click on the first Bluetooth Peripheral Device, choose update driver. Then click Update Driver Software.

    Then click Browse my computer for software.

    Pick from a list of drivers.

    Find the device type PORTS and scroll down to select Rim Virtual Serial Port 2
    It will warn you that the driver is not certified. Ignore and click OK.

    It will say the device installed ok.

    Do the same procedure again for the 2nd instance of the Bluetooth Peripheral Device.

    Remove your PC from your Blackberry Bluetooth list, turn the blackberry bluetooth setting "Let other devices discover me",

    You should now be able to establish your bluetooth pairing with your Windows 7 64-bit PC.

    This worked flawlessly for me on a fresh install of Windows7 to my HP DV9700t CTO Laptop.

    Hope this helps others.

    Information given is without warranty - user assumes all risks of use thereof. No copyright privileges are conferred.

    CREDIT for tech solution goes to AT&T Level 2 Laptop Support (United States). My goal was simply to get it to sync up via Bluetooth instead of USB. I have no idea if this issue will fix/solve modem 'tethering' concerns as I don't use that.
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    05-31-10 04:06 PM
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    That seems like alot of useless work if you ask me. All I did was install the windows bluetooth drivers and DM picked up the bluetooth adapter easily.
    05-31-10 04:26 PM
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    It seems having a decent BT stack helps a lot.

    I have never had issues connecting, syncing or sending/receiving files on my desktop with an HP BT450 but I was a bit concerned using this tiny ASUS BT on my laptop. Turns out it works fine as well and tethers quite nicely x64 Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I did, however, do the song and dance with the serial port drivers only because I prefer a "clean" device manager
    06-01-10 10:24 AM