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    So I upgraded the DM to version 6 on my Dell laptop... This laptop has a builtin bluetooth radio that uses the widcomm drivers.
    I updated my 8330 to an OS5 hybrid...

    Suddenly the DM is asking if I want to connect to my BB via bluetooth?
    And... It works!! Ran a full backup of my 8330 over bluetooth.

    Well, I thought is was a quirk. So I grabbed my daughters 9650.
    Same result. Total success. Very little effort. It just worked.

    Well, that must have been a quirk too...
    So I went and bought a Targus bluetooth dongle for my daughter's laptop that uses a similar widcomm driver. ($19)
    Upgraded to DM 6.
    Same result. Total success!

    If you really wanted to use you BB with bluetooth, give it a try...
    Make sure you can use the widcomm driver.
    I had a friends computer fail. It was using some other driver.
    It looks like the BlackBerry only likes the widcomm or Microsoft BT drivers.


    PS. I wonder if the BB will ever charge the battery over bluetooth?
    08-31-10 03:19 AM
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    When I try to install the Widcomm stack, I get the message, "Please plug in or turn on your Bluetooth device." Did you run into this issue? The device is on and plugged in, but nothing happens.

    08-31-10 08:53 AM
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    I saw that on a friends system.
    You have to own a bluetooth device that supports the widcomm stack.
    I'm not sure if it's a chip, or somehow licensed by Broadcom.

    The interal bluetooth for my Dell runs the widomm stack.
    The Targus usb dongle I purchased also uses it.

    My friend had a usb dongle that didn't work and was using a different stack.
    Tried to install the widcomm stack, and saw that error.
    So, he went and bought the Targus usb dongle. No more issues...
    08-31-10 07:16 PM
  4. qfadder's Avatar
    I just realized that Dell Laptops with the internal Bluetooth radio use the widcomm stack. So, Bluetooth on my BB works great with Dell Latitude laptops.
    09-25-10 10:58 PM
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    Hey ok I suggest you to roll back your driven. just go to the device manager and then select Bluetooth device and then right click and select property and now select roll back option and then restart your pc and its working,
    10-01-10 05:50 AM
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    This is working on an HP/Compaq buisness laptop with the internal bluetooth radio. (nc6400) It is using the widcomm stack.
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    10-05-10 05:55 AM