1. garpt's Avatar
    Hi All,
    Loving my Torch. Paired easily with my BMW integrated bluetooth system. I have the basic radio w/ bluetooth and voice commands found in the 2009 328I. The phone works well, however the Voice Mails will not play through the audio system, and in fact won't play at all, even through the phone earpiece, with the bluetooth connected. Has anyone come across this and found a fix?

    01-01-11 05:51 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Here are a couple great suggestions on another post. Mine works thru my plantronics BT. Looks like the biggest key is A2DP support. Also some settings listed in this post. Let me know if it works....

    01-01-11 06:14 PM
  3. maserati2's Avatar
    It might be that your phone is too new for your car.
    When I first bought my phone it wouldn't make calls with my M5, but then a few months later when I had my BMW dealer do a software update on the navigation and ECU all the bluetooth functions were in working order.
    01-01-11 09:07 PM
  4. garpt's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion Zach7. I read that post a few weeks back, my thought is that the voicemail playback would not have anything to do with A2DP. My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that A2DP is the profile needed to play back STEREO through bluetooth. I've already conceded that this would not work without Blackberry's bluetooth adapter. But why not voicemail?

    maserati2- what year is your Beamer? I believe that prior to 2009 models there were basic problems with pairing in general- my Torch pairs easily and works great w/ normal phone functions, just no voicemail....
    01-02-11 07:43 AM