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    Bluetoothing an 8900 with OSX Leopard

    I am able to see each device on the other. I can send an individual image to the Mac, one at a time.

    However I have hundreds of photos on my Berry and want to

    1) send them all at once and not one at a time and
    2) want to specify where on the Mac I send them - to a specific folder

    I want to make this work, so no need to discuss Parallels or Bootcamp...

    BB DM doesn't have ability to transfer photos and files on a Mac

    But there is an option on the Mac to Browse in the BT setup, and I am thinking its for browsing the phone to select and save files, much like using iTunes App tab to select and save files in individual apps when you connect an iPad/iPhone, etc. But I get the error in the BT setup on the mac, saying it doesnt support that.

    So I cant recieve a file from the phone to the mac, but I can receive a file on the phone from the mac, and also can send a photo to the mac, but its one-at-a-time and I cant specify the folder it goes to.

    Maybe I could have just asked "How do I" but I wanted to give more info.

    And I did a search here and theres a few threads that never got answered, so I am hoping someone has experience doing this and will help

    Thanks in advance
    09-13-10 10:05 AM
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    Jeff, if I posted this in the wrong (sub)forum, could you please relocate it so I might get some feedback on it? I am pretty sure someone on here has experienced this same issue!
    09-13-10 01:02 PM
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    1. You can only send one file at a time.

    2. I have no idea about the destination folder. I know on Windows Vista it goes into the default Bluetooth folder.

    To me for sending more than just a few files, it's much easier to do it via USB Mass Storage Mode. Mass Storage Mode will work on a Mac or a Windows PC.
    09-13-10 04:54 PM
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    Thanks for the reply

    Sucks about one at a time! How thoughtless to develop a bluetooth capability on a hardware and then leave it to only transfer one file at a time!?

    On the Mac it goes into your default folder and you can't specify

    I tried the USB with Mass Storage Mode enabled on the BB. The Mac doesnt even "see" the 8900. With a PC I have had it see it with no problem.

    What steps are you taking for the Mac to browse the phone or SD card on the Berry?
    09-13-10 11:51 PM
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    Still not getting to browse the phone from the Mac in any way, like I could with the Roxio program via DM in a PC

    Also not finding anything on here or HF or BB forums doing a search, so if anyone has any experience on this, please chime in!
    09-14-10 09:41 AM
  6. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Are the songs on the Media Card or on the Device Memory?
    09-14-10 10:56 AM
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    "hundreds of photos on my Berry", no music

    On a card
    09-14-10 11:02 AM
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    Anyone have any experience on this?
    09-16-10 10:56 AM
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    Sorry, I just typed the wrong word. (photos vs songs)

    If they are on the Media Card, then the drive should definitely show up as a removable drive.

    Otherwise, just stick the card in a card reader and move the files that way.
    09-16-10 11:00 AM
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    What are you doing to make it able to appear as a drive letter?

    I have BB device manager for mac installed on it, so I know the drivers are there.

    When I connect, DM sees the phone. But the mac does not show a drive letter or anything like it.

    So if you have the steps, maybe I am missing something. I also have tried different mass storage settings on the phone, hoping I had something not configured properly. No changes with anything I do on it.

    Help? Thanks for the replies
    09-16-10 11:17 AM
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    Hi MM
    Checked it last night and went to browse and a drive letter for it appeared on the desktop, just like you said it would. I dont know why it wasnt there before, but this was the first time its shown up and it continues to work as expected and as you said.

    Thanks for your help and patience! I was able to copy hundreds of pics over with a drag and drop. It's amazing how fast data transfers on a mac, I'm liking it
    09-17-10 10:37 AM
  12. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Awesome. Glad it worked out for you.
    09-17-10 07:24 PM