1. ssbtech's Avatar
    Please forgive me if this is posted somewhere else already, I am not familiar enough with BT terminology to really know where to look.

    If I have a device (home stereo, car stereo, etc..) that supports bluetooth music playback from a bluetooth device such as a BB, can I use that device to control the playback, see track listings, etc?

    Example: CarPC setup can play music from bluetooth phone. Can I use the carPC to control the playback of the audio and see the songs I have on the BB? Sort of like iPod compatibility where you can see the tracks, playlists, etc...

    07-08-10 05:49 PM
  2. HTMLSpinnr's Avatar
    For my BBerry Curve 8900 paired with a 2010 Toyota Prius w/ Nav (11/2008 NAV DVD) - I can see current song (title, album, artist), play and pause, track up/down and set Random/repeat.

    I cannot see or browse the playlist - I must do this from the phone.

    That being said, on my Curve - OS works "ok" - the titles don't always update until I pause/play the song, and the track time counter doesn't reset for each track (could be a Toyota bug).

    The OS has problems pairing with this car - it will either work as Handsfree or Audio, but not both simultaneously. Because of this, I've downgraded back to

    Audio quality sounds fine for "in the car", and I can't discern a difference between BT Audio and using the AUX-IN cable other than better volume control w/ BT.
    07-13-10 06:21 PM