1. dcscott's Avatar
    About 2 weeks ago I purchased a Jawbone 2 which I had to return because I could not get it to stay on/in my ear. I've decided to try a Z9i but can not find anyone locally that sells them. I'm about to order one on-line but was wondering if I'm going to run into the same "fit" problem as I did with the Jawbone. I've heard of several other folks having problems with the fit of the Jawbone but no similar comments regarding the Z9 or Z9i. Am I likely to have problems with the Z9i? If I order it from CB and it won't fit are they good about taking stuff back?

    Thanks for your comments...
    06-04-08 05:27 PM
  2. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    I cant comment on the Z9i cause I dont have it yet. The Z9 on the other hand (I do have) fits wonderfully. Most of the time I actually forget that I even have it on; and I normally have it on for 10 hours or more. To preserve the battery, I turn it off when I'm not using it- but it's still on my ear.

    I'm waiting for the Z9i to come to my local stores so that if I dont like it, or it doesnt work as expected, it can returned with minimal effort.
    06-04-08 05:35 PM