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    Previously my Z9 (came with firmware 3.4) would not auto reconnect or reconnect when after pressing the MFB to my BB 8703e (Alltel). To get it to reconnect after charging, powering down, or losing connection I would have to reconnect using the BB bluetooth menu, which is a pain. I called customer support and they said there is a new firmware version at their website so I downloaded it last night (5/22/2008) and loaded the firmware, now all reconnection/auto-connection issues are fixed.

    By far this is the best BT headset I have owned and I have tried the Plantronics 510 and the Plantronics 665. The excellent customer service, 2 yr warranty, quality of product, and upgradable firmware make Blueant an outstanding company.
    05-23-08 08:55 AM