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    Here is a quick review of the Blueant T1.

    Pairing mode-Very easy and quick initially. But to connect another device I just had to disconnect my Storm 9550 and hold the Multi-Function Button (MFB) down for 3 seconds and it goes into pairing mode. Also when you are trying to pair, it does announce that the device is in pairing mode which is good so you do not need to take it off to look at LED.

    Address Book-Once paired up, it will try to get all your contacts in your address book. Took about 10 seconds with about 200 entries. To update your address book on the T1 if you made changes to your address book, just connect the T1 to your phone and hold down the MFB for 3 seconds.

    Sound Quality-So far sounds good on both ends. Will give more of a review once I get out on the road or when I go to the airport. But other then that, loud and clear on my end and on the callers end. Similar to the Blueant V1i but louder. Never used any other bluetooth so can't compare to other devices but person on other end did not have anything to complain about and they had no issues so far

    Voice Commands-Voice dialing, you say "Call ____" and it goes to your BB's voice dialing and you say it again. Weird but works. "Check Battery" gives you your battery status, low, medium or high. When a caller calls you, it will announce their name and give you an option "Answer" or "ignore". Works good for me so far just by saying "Answer'. Once that goes through you can use the MFB to answer or double tap the MFB to ignore.

    Buttons-On/off slider on the inside closest to your face but doesn't bother me, volume buttons on the top and MFB on the back outside. Also white LED on the front next to MFB and red for charging.

    Accessories-Comes with 2 ear hooks, 3 sets of ear buds to use without the hook and 2 sets of ear buds to use with the hookes, USB cord, wall charger, 2 rubber covers and of course the T1 itself. Also uses the Micro USB instead of previous Blueant which uses their own style. The rubber covers do protect the USB port which is a plus.

    Comfort-I personally don't like those ear buds you use without the hook. I'm comfortable with the hook. But it feels like previous BlueAnt device. Very comfortable, I used to wear them for about 5 hours a day and this one feels the same. So just as comfortable. Also very light. Longer then the V1i but slimmer. But still comfortable.

    Distance-I was able to leave my phone in my room (Phone was able 4 ft away from the door), walk down 14 steps and turn right about 90 degrees and walk about 15 ft to the next room and another 2 ft in the next room before I lost the signal. Not going to say it was clear but once I stopped walking, it was clear but during the walk, there were static here and there. So distance to me seems good. As far as line of sight, I would imagine 30 ft like all other bluetooth device but I will test it out and post on that tonight.

    Also this model does support A2DP. Watched a video, listen to music and played music in slacker and they all work through the T1. But with slacker you do need to go into options and select the bluetooth or device. Sounds quality is very nice.

    Let me know if there are any other questions or anything you want me to test out.

    UPDATE 6-18-10-So last night I received the T1 and wore it for a few hours total. It got uncomfortable after an hours but I think it was more of me trying to find the right ear piece. But once I found the one I like, I took it off and let my ear rest a little and a few hours after that, the T1 just felt good in my ears and wore it for 4ish hours. I was on multiple calls yesterday. I want to say total, an hour of calls with the T1.
    One issue I found was pairing two devices gave me a static issue, not sure why but I did a full reset on the T1 and issue was gone. Also someone said I sounded better after the reset but I cannot confirm that since I was not on the other end. Now I have my T1 as well as my ps3 on it with no issues.
    This morning I was on a conference call and it was clear and everyone understood me clearly. I love having a bluetooth during those calls.
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    I've got the T1, and I love it. upgraded from the Blueant Z9. My only issue is it is not as comfortable as my old Z9. But the new sound quality and steaming music capability seals the deal. would definitely recommend this ear piece for anyone looking for a high quality bluetooth set.
    06-22-10 03:00 AM
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    High quality bluetooth for under $100 with the ability to stream music was one of the big things. I've had it for close to a week and I love it. It's so nice when someone calls and you do not have to even look at your phone to see whos calling is my favorite feature.
    06-22-10 08:24 AM