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    As with many of you, I search/struggle/return/try again for the perfect headset.

    SUMMARY - If you want Multipoint and A2DP. Go ahead and get the Q2, I think you'll like it. Best at abouncing incoming caller name or number, then you just say answer or ignore. I don't know if there's a more full function BT out there

    I just got, and am keeping with the Blueant Q2. - Very good in all respects. Love the announcement of incoming number or name, very good outgoing sound (according to the other party), decent incoming sound. Works solo reading incoming texts, or Vlingo compatible for reading text and emails.

    past trials..

    Blueant V1 - Very good in all respect but lacked multipoint, don't remember if it was A2DP.

    Jawbone Icon - probably the best sounding on the Other person's end. Always sounded tinny on my end.

    Plantronics Extreme (Multipoint and A2DP) very good incoming sound, and it was great outgoing sound with my Motorola Droid, but when I got my D-Inc, the other person just didn't hear me well. This one is definitely worth trying out. Might work better for you than it did for me.

    Plantronics M1100 Savor. I liked this one a lot, but kept losing connection (even though it would reconnect in 3 seconds with a tap of the button. *** only announced "incoming call, answer or reject"***

    Never tried the Plantonics Voyager 'cause it didn't have A2DP

    Q1 - very good set, not quite as good as the Q2

    YMMV, each person's phone, ear, seems to be different with each headset. Some people swear by the Jawbone, plantronics, blueant or whatever
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    The Plantronics Voyager Pro has the best outgoing sound of any bluetooth headset on the market today.
    12-20-10 08:56 PM
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    That would have been my 1st choice, but I didn;t want to go that large.

    I've loved all my Plantronics, And really wanted to try the 975, but really needed Multipoint and A2DP. Tried the M1100 Savor, but missed the voice announcments of incoming number.
    12-24-10 05:01 PM