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    okay the Tour is my second BB and I'm loving them however, the bluetooth headset capabilities flat SUCK!! I had the pleasure of running the gauntlet of BT options available from sprint when I first got my Curve a year ago. Back then the big issue was upon holstering there was waaaay too much static to allow the BT to be useful, and who wants to stand around holding a BB while on the BT headset? I finally settled on the Blue ant Q1, an awesome headset no doubt, and the volume became an issue. apparently the folks at RIM seem to think we can operate these wonderful devices with some level of intelligence but can't operate the volume buttons on both the device and the headset.

    So my question to the CBers is, does anyone know of or make a way to disconnect the volume from each other? A disconnect if you will, to something in my opinion should have never been tethered together to begin with. I want to be able to turn up/down the volume on my BB independently of the headset.

    12-29-09 05:27 PM