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    Does anyone use this with a bt adapter? I have an HP laptop w/vista 32. I want to use my bb to control the laptop when hooked up to my hdtv. I'm getting a Rocketfish adapter that uses widcomm, can I install the ms drivers instead? I have no idea what a bt "stack" is so I'm a little lost.
    03-22-09 08:04 AM
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    I am not sure if it should be any different for an external adapter but I have a laptop with internal bluetooth that used the widcomm stack. I was able to get the MS drivers to install by following the instructions in the "Bluetooth Sync with computer?" sticky on page 3. The procedure should be the same for a dongle. After switching to the MS drivers I have had no problem getting Bluctrl to work.

    When you get the adapter I would first try just plugging it in and see if windows will find and install it's bt drivers (dont use any cd that came with the adapter). If that does not work (which it may very well not) then you can install using the packaged drivers so you can get the id information for the device then try the instructions I referenced above, they should work.
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    I tried just plugging it in but it didn't work so I looked for that file to add the string. My laptop couldn't find that file, what should I do now? I will try installing the drivers from the disk and see what happens. Any help would be appreciated

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    ok,, found the file and made the changes but it won't let me save. When I clicked save it said file already existed and did I want to replace, I hit yes but then it says cannot create file, make sure path and filename are correct

    One other thing I noticed is that the string doesn't look like some of the others. The format isn't the same. Where else could I find it? This is what the string looks like under hardware id.
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    I got it to work with the widcomm drivers! I easily went to fox.com and watched 24. It worked to pause and play the video. This appears to be a great app!
    03-22-09 01:09 PM
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    Did you have to do anything special to use the widcomm drivers? I could not get mine to work with them and just curious.
    03-22-09 03:09 PM
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    No, I have no idea what I'm doing so the thread you referenced was the only thing I found different. I just installed the cd, it did give me an HID data error, don't even know what that is. I downloaded the bluctrl receiver and it just worked. I don't know how. Maybe the drivers I have are newer or they updated the app? The adapter I got was Rocketfish mini.

    Do you happen to know if I can sync my bt plantronics voyager headset with the laptop? The laptop is not recognizing it but I don't know if I have to do something special. When I bought it the guy in Radio Shack set it up for me so I'll have to find the manual. I just don't know if it is even possible.
    03-22-09 06:35 PM