1. CrackBerryjunky's Avatar
    I recently tried to download the bluberry theme for my curve 8330. I'm kinda new to this whole blackberry thing, and I would like to message bbgod and figure out why its not showing up in my themes. Can someone help me figure this out or get a hold of the creator of the theme (his pin would b nice)? I would greatly appreciate it cus that theme looks sweet. Email me if you can help at TSchoen@vzw.blackberry.net or skarekroking@aol.com Thank you.
    03-07-09 04:22 PM
  2. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    Did you delete any of the factory themes?
    03-07-09 04:40 PM
  3. CrackBerryjunky's Avatar
    No I haven't. Why?
    03-07-09 05:16 PM
  4. taguluchi's Avatar
    did you download the right theme for your device? because that theme could have been made for the pearl the curve and the bold etc, also another thing to look out for is some themes are made for your device model but a specific os of you model .....for example if your running os 4.2 and you download a theme for os 4.5 it's not going to work on your device unless you have os 4.5 and an OS is Operating System (not being cocky just don't know if you know that) but anyway that might be why its not showing up ....because I have done that once before on accident until I read more in depth in that thread it was for os 4.5 on a curve and I hadnt yet upgraded to os 4.5
    03-07-09 05:53 PM
  5. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    No I haven't. Why?
    Oh, because if you do, than custom themes won't work. so don't do that!
    03-07-09 06:00 PM
  6. Tremortality's Avatar
    Check the OS of your phone. options>about if it says 4.5 you need themes that are 4.5. More than likely it is not working because it is an OS issue.

    More info here

    03-07-09 06:56 PM
  7. CrackBerryjunky's Avatar
    I have 4.5. It shows up in advanced> applications but not under themes.
    03-07-09 08:33 PM