1. ITCurve's Avatar
    I have a gmail account. on my computer.. i've gone into the gmail filters and directed it to 'delete' certain emails that come to my inbox. they are now sent straight to trash.
    I have a blackberry and to be sure these messages don't arrive on my handheld 'curve 8520' ...i went into the Gmail email setup and created an identical filter...so i assume this means these particular messages will not go to my 'gmail app' mailbox. however, there is also this 'general' message folder on the blackberry...where all messages go....gmail, sms, bbm....
    do i need to do something to block/filter them from coming into this folder now? or have i done that already by blocking it to my gmail app???
    06-05-10 07:02 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    You will not need to do anything else.

    On google's server side they should delete those messages, and they should not be showing up on the device.
    06-05-10 07:04 PM