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    Hate big brother

    3rd Party APP Idea - Something to block or detect tracking...?
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    03-23-10 03:32 PM
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    You can download KISS. It lists background processes, it supposedly can show spyware and it can show ALL processes (which is an overwhelming list).

    You can turn off your gps and only leave it for 911.

    If you BB has not been out of your hands or in someone else's, then an apps should be loaded other than what it came with or what you loaded. Now, that being said, obviously, we do not know precisely what any 3rd party app is really doing (paranoia mode!) when we give them permissions. You can limit some permissions so that apps can't communicate with the outside world.
    03-23-10 09:32 PM
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    ok thanks 10char
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    I am referring to someone installing a gps tracker on the phone when it is out of my hands... Or when I'm sleeping.. Ill look into kiss.. TY
    Well, if you are that uncomfortable - you can use a password to lock the BB so no one can use it without the password.
    03-24-10 11:51 AM