1. ladyhunterblue's Avatar
    Is there a way to block selected email addresses from the att.blackberry.net?
    11-29-10 02:34 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Yes, it can be done using a filter, this can be done from either the device itself or from your provider's BIS site.

    Go to Email Setup, and then Sign on to your account, you MIGHT have to call your provider if you do not know the user name and password. Once you are at the account, select the ATT email, which may be your only one, then press the BB button and select Filter, and then follow the prompts. You need to name the filter (you can name it anything you want) then you want to change the option to filter by email address, and then you just put in the addresses you want to filter out.
    11-29-10 02:40 PM
  3. ladyhunterblue's Avatar
    Tried going to settings, options, security options, firewall but it blocked all emails not just to the att.blackberry.net address.
    11-29-10 02:54 PM
  4. Fubaz's Avatar
    Do what pk has said
    +1 pk!

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    11-29-10 02:56 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Email Setup, it's either on your homescreen or in a Folder called Setup it sorta looks like a computer box with a RIM dots symbol on it and a gear wheel. It is the program used to set up email accounts on your device. THAT is where you need to go, NOT the Options wench.
    11-29-10 03:00 PM
  6. ladyhunterblue's Avatar
    I will try this when I get home. Thanks
    11-29-10 03:14 PM
  7. Fubaz's Avatar
    Here is a little how to.
    How can I filter incoming Blackberry email? :: Free Tech Support :: Ask Dave Taylor!
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    11-29-10 03:16 PM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    GREAT article That shows how to do it from the ATT BIS site
    11-29-10 03:57 PM