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    Furballz is correct. As long as your phone can get a gps signal, and allows third party access to the GPS, you should be able to use BlackStar. There is no regional coding.
    11-22-09 08:43 PM
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    I use Geocache Navigator which is a one time fee from BlackBerry App World. I believe it's still on sale for $9.99.

    I also use BlackStar which is a great free app. You can create Pocket Queries on geocaching.com (PMs only), the attachment comes as an email to your BlackBerry, download the file onto your BlackBerry and then import it into BlackStar. It gives you waypoint details, hints etc. Works great. You can also show all caches on BlackBerry Maps. You can show one cache at a time on Google Maps. With both options you can get turn by turn directions right to the cache.

    The ability to load PQ and Routes onto BlackStar makes it worthwhile.

    Compass Mode

    Waypoint Details

    Waypoint List From Pocket Query

    Show All Waypoints on BlackBerry Maps

    Google Directions to cache

    Show Terrain on Google Maps

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