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    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, hope you can help me out!

    I was looking for an app that you can punch coordinates into and it will take you there. I came across the Blackstar app and its just what I needed (plus the compass is an added bonus). I'm not into Geocaching, it just will be really handy in outdoor adventures.

    Anyways, I put the coordinates in a new waypoint... I then use the go to googlemaps option but its about a thousand miles from it.

    Does this not work in the UK ?


    River thames in london (from google earth on pc)
    Latitude: 5130'34.33"N
    Longitude: 0 6'50.86"W

    Convert to decimal....
    Latitude: 51.509536
    Longitude: 0.114128

    Now putting the decimal coordinates into Blackstar....Now view it in googlemaps, it's way off !!!!!!

    What am I doing wrong? Cheers
    05-18-10 05:12 PM
  2. third_eye's Avatar
    Nevermind... I've solved it !!! Well Happy

    I got my coordinates all wrong plus changed a setting in BlackStar.

    Switched to 'Degress, Decimal Minutes' option in GoogleEarth (PC).

    Changed the 'Units' option in Blackstar to 'dd:mm.mmmmmm'.

    It's spot on, not a mm out

    What a great little app.
    05-18-10 05:35 PM