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    Found this to be most interesting.

    Since Marchionne already had 21 direct reports at Fiat Group, and must divide his time between Auburn Hills, Mich., and Turin, most management experts would call his method madness. But instead of becoming a bottleneck, he has turned himself into an expediter because he is always reachable. "They have access to me 24/7," he says, and when they call or e-mail, he makes decisions in minutes -- or seconds. While traveling, he stays in contact with one of his six BlackBerrys. "BlackBerrys are divine instruments," he purrs.
    Sergio Marchionne: Chrysler's Speed Merchant - Aug. 26, 2010
    08-26-10 02:35 PM
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    Six BlackBerrys? Sweet!

    That is staying connected.

    Bringing his Fiat management style to Chrysler, Marchionne (mar-key-OWN-ee) believes his competitive advantage is speed. By wiping out layers of management and making decisions more quickly, he'll get closer to the market and bring out new models faster than his slower-moving rivals.

    owns several Ferraris.
    08-26-10 02:46 PM
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    "Divine" might be pushing it haha.

    And jeeze! 6! I though I was crazy for buying 4.
    08-26-10 02:52 PM
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    And jeeze! 6! I though I was crazy for buying 4.
    And I thought I was nuts justifying my second one so I can get a 9800. LOL.
    08-26-10 03:00 PM
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    Holy crap, 6?!? I'm gonna be a bit overwhelmed with email when i get just the 1!
    08-26-10 06:46 PM
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    Haha I have only 3 but 2 working.. The two I carry are the 9700 and 9800. Not quite comfy with the The Torch that's why I still am carrying the 9700.

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    08-26-10 11:30 PM
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    It would be interesting to hear iPhone/Droid fans' answers to this.

    "The Droid 2 can do this better! And you only need one too"
    08-26-10 11:42 PM