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    Hello. im from the U.S and will be travelling to Spain and i need to know which ones are capable of being used in another country. I have Verizon but am willing to use AT&T if i need to
    09-21-10 03:48 PM
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    On Vz you can use the S1 & S2 along with the 9650, 8830 and I believe the 9630. Someone else can chime in if there are any others.
    09-21-10 03:55 PM
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    Storm 2, Tour, and Bold are (the most recent) devices you could use on Verizon (cdma based carrier) as well as any GSM carrier (any that requires a sim card). You will need to have it unlocked, whatever you get. You could call customer service and ask them to unlock it or there are companies around here that will sell you unlock codes. If you plan to buy one from ebay or craigslist, make sure the device was originally sold by Verizon, because Verizon wont activate a Sprint device, etc.

    Also, any GSM device that's been unlocked would also suffice.
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    09-21-10 03:59 PM