1. chelag's Avatar
    k, someone wants to sell my friend a blackberry, supposedly a world edition. i dont know the model number. when my friend puts in his sim card, he doesnt get gsm. is it possible to use that phone with any sim card?
    08-09-08 07:59 AM
  2. Go Blue's Avatar
    BB World Phone is an 8830, either Sprint or Verizon.

    GSM in these devices works ONLY outside of North America -- you will not be able to put just any SIM card in the device and connect to AT&T or T-Mob in the US or Canada.

    They work just fine when traveling internationally on local GSM systems.
    08-09-08 08:03 AM
  3. ianbond's Avatar
    I carry the 8830, and used it very successfully in London, Nairobi and throught Uganda last summer. You must order the Global package from Verizon and install the SIM. They ask you what region you're traveling so you get the proper one for, say, the far east, or Europe/Africa.
    Install the card, and then activate the service from Verizon for overseas calls and/or data.

    The costs are SUBSTANTIALLY less calling with this package versus any other way except using calling cards! Verizon and AT&T are in a death match to get every possible global network agreement tied to their company, so when you turn on your phone in Brazil or Japan, the local network already has an account and reduced pricing arranged with Verizon. Sweet.

    Finally, the data option for web access or email sync usually costs more than at home, so that is something I turned off while on the road. That way I didn't have it auto-sync every time I got off the plane. Just when I turned the radio back on. Worked OK. And texting was not free, but 1/5th the cost of not having this package installed.

    I highly recommend it.
    08-16-08 01:30 PM