12-19-10 10:41 AM
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  1. moiselles's Avatar
    Wow, so if I lock my phone, forget my password, and enter the wrong one 10 times my phone does a complete wipe back to factory and gives me a "new phone"?

    Not sure on my feelings for or against this but I'm glad to know it. I'll keep it backed up more often now.

    How do you dial 911 without dialing 911?
    Don't forget your password! Its not that hard. I have my password protection to come on after my phone is idle for 20 minutes. I enter my password at least several times a day, I couldn't forget the password if I wanted to.
    12-19-10 07:42 AM
  2. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Look, all of this discussion, whether it's useful to have the feature or not, comes down to this:

    Yes, sure, maybe it's an *amazing* feature that you love, OR maybe it's a supremely horrible feature that in YOUR particular situation is a really bad feature that you don't want.

    REGARDLESS of what you feel about the wrong-password-data-wipe feature, **as the owner of the phone, it should be your choice whether or not a series of incorrect password attempts wipes the data on your phone.** It should be something that, as the owner of YOUR phone, YOU can set, YOU can choose.

    I'm not sure which rock you've been living under for uh, well since RIM started making BB's, but incase you haven't noticed, they like to do things their way. If they don't think you need different hardware, or a software feature, or the ability to turn off the limited password attempts, they won't give it to you.

    Maybe you are in a position where you can't back up your phone every day. Maybe you put so much information in your phone every day (like me) that even one day's worth of info is extremely valuable before it gets backed up. Maybe you keep your phone in a place where (like a high school etc.) malicious or joking people can grab it for a couple of minutes and manage to wipe the data by entering the password incorrectly ten times.
    You really need remote backups if your device has extremely valuable information on it. Forget the password issue you're making a fuss over, how about dropping it in the toilet, or someone spilling their coffee on it? Maybe it falls out of your pocket in the middle of a busy street, or even just gets butterfingered while you're standing up and breaks.

    There are a lot more things to worry about destroying your phone and/or ending your ability to access your data than just the password. I would say most of these are more likely anyway if you keep it on your person, which, if it contains such valuable information, should be the case anyway. I mean how is someone going to maliciously wipe or steal your device while it is in your pocket?

    It doesn't matter -- it should be a feature that you have the OPTION to DISABLE. And that is the ultimate point.

    Technically you do. As mentioned, the password with unlimited attempts may as well not even be there. It just keeps the honest folks out of your info then.

    (Just like the feature where you can dial 911 from a locked phone as easily as you can by pocket dialling should be something you can CHOOSE to enable. You should at least have to physically dial "9-1-1" or type something specific in order to dial 911 in that situation --- oh, and for the people who say that's never happened to them, look up blackberry emergency call or blackberry 911 in google and see how many thousands of people are furious that accidental 911 calling keeps happening to them. )
    The 911 thing is a legal requirement to have there as was mentioned. Just get a sleeve type holster for your pocket with the magnet in it, then your Berry goes to sleep unil you take it back out. No 911, no dialing anyone else, and the sleeve would help keep pocket lint and junk out of the device.

    [And by the way, brute-force password cracking attempts take weeks to do on a phone, if not months, with most cracking software. If someone wants your data from your phone THAT badly, they're just going to steal your data some other way, or steal your phone right after you've entered the password. If your data is THAT valuable, you must be pretty someone pretty impressive for others to go the effort of brute-force attacking your phone for that long.]
    You just said your device contains extremely valuable information, but now you're ridiculing the possibility of the brute force password attempt because the data isn't that important?

    They have nothing to lose by trying it. How do you happen to know how long it allegedly takes btw to do? I know you don't know how long it takes to do on a BB anyway, since it is impossible.

    Also, if they steal your phone right after you've entered the password, chances are it will be in their hands and now you've gone from petty theft to robbery, which is a pretty big step.

    I suspect most people who are looking for others' data for nefarious purposes are not going to also be the same type that would be out robbing/threatening people for their device password.

    It may be unlikely that anybody who steals your phone would have he knowledge to crack it anyway, but why give them the chance? Back up the device frequently, to the web if that's the only available option. There are millions of things that can separate you from your data that don't involve the password.

    This entire thread would be over and done with if these were all OPTIONS you could ENABLE or DISABLE or if you could manage them better.
    The thread wouldn't have started if one realizes the key feature to a BB is security and how locked down it is. Customization is easy on other types of devices. IMO, one doesn't buy a hammer to use as a shovel. One doesn't buy an axe to wax their car with. One doesn't buy a BB and complain about the security (its' key selling point)...
    12-19-10 09:34 AM
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    Don't forget your password! Its not that hard. I have my password protection to come on after my phone is idle for 20 minutes. I enter my password at least several times a day, I couldn't forget the password if I wanted to.
    That I figured out. Now how do you dial 911 without dialing 911?
    12-19-10 10:41 AM
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