1. krugerjj's Avatar
    Hi all, I am very new to the BB world but so far I am loving it!

    The issue I am having with my 8900 is that it will not connect to my home wifi network. If I unplug my wireless router (Netgear) and plug it back in my BB will connect, but only until I leave the coverage area and come back. When I come back it will not connect to my wifi no matter what I do. I do not have this problem at my In-Laws house, every time I go there it connects automatically and without any issues.

    I have tried setting up the wifi connection in all the different ways. I have deleted and re-setup the connection a 100 times but to no avail.

    Last thing I want to note is that I have set up my wireless router from scratch twice now. Everytime I do that my BB connects for about 2-4 days and then it will not connect any more. I can see that it tries about once every minute to connect to my wireless but it just says: "Device failed to associate with AP".

    I am currently using the WPA2-personal PSK as the encryption. I have also tried to match the connections from my In-Laws but it just wont work...at least not for an extended amount of time.

    Please help,
    09-02-10 04:06 AM
  2. boggsterman's Avatar
    I have had exactly the same problem since day 1 with my BB8900. I have gone through several OS's trying to see if that would help, have tried to set up the WiFi in countless ways, but all to no avail. It will connect initially, but as soon as I leave the coverage area it won't connect again without setting up the connection all over again. I have the same router I think (bought it from Telkom, it's also a Netgear). Anyway, i have given up now, because even when it does work, you have to manually change the browser you are using on the BB to hotspot browser, and it's all just too much effort to be worth it. At home i just use the computer for internet and out and about I use EDGE. If anyone does find a solution to this problem or a way of making the BB browser switch automatically i would love to hear about it. Cheers.
    09-03-10 04:49 AM