1. ladybold's Avatar
    Hello - wanted to ask a quick question regarding using my blackberry abroad.

    I am on Orange UK and am in France. The hotel I am staying in has given ,e a login + password to access free wi-fi.

    The last time I was in France, I turned on my data services and I got charged loads.

    What I wanted to ask was, if I set the data services to ON, and OFF whilst roaming - using the free wi-fi, will i get charged back home?

    I asked this because I did this option without the wi-fi, and nothing worked but when i turned on the wi-fi to test, my internet was working and my emails started coming in and i got a bit scared and turned it off!

    so is it possible to turn on data services, but off for the roaming and still use wifi without getting charged?

    god sorry its such a complicated thing to understand! i just dont want to get charged!

    thanks and bonjour from france
    08-02-10 03:15 AM
  2. deano23285's Avatar
    try ringing orange and asking them
    08-02-10 04:09 AM
  3. benicester's Avatar
    I want to know how to turn off data over my mobile line and use the wifi instead so that my data charges wont be so high.
    08-02-10 04:26 AM
  4. dodger_moore's Avatar
    Ladybold - switch off your data and use the wifi - it won't cost anything. I was just in France and I have a roaming package so it didn't affect me, but a friend with a BlackBerry didn't. He switched off data and used wifi and didn't get charged.

    Benicester - to switch of data, go to manage connections and click 'mobile network'.
    08-02-10 04:43 AM
  5. BB Dude 99's Avatar
    You could always take your SIM card out of the phone so everything is routed through the Wi-Fi connection just to make sure.
    08-02-10 04:43 AM
  6. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I think you are confusing Data Services and Mobile Network.

    You need Data Service active to use Wifi, but you do not need to activate the Mobile Network.

    Options / Mobile Network / Data Service: ON
    Connections / Mobile Network: Off
    Connections / Wifi: On
    08-02-10 09:51 AM
  7. ladybold's Avatar
    dodger_moore + Reed_McLay, thanks, that was what I was clarifying!

    All sorted and happy!
    08-02-10 03:54 PM