1. kb5zht's Avatar
    that watch looks cool and I think I may actually pick one up.

    Anybody else find it appealing?

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    05-13-10 07:46 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I do not. Definitely not on my purchase list.
    05-13-10 08:10 PM
  3. johnling's Avatar
    Neat idea . . . however, it's hard to justify being too lazy to look at my phone.
    05-13-10 08:27 PM
  4. mjbesen310's Avatar
    i dont need the watch, my Blackberry does everything i need it to do which is why I have it, no need for the watch
    05-13-10 08:30 PM
  5. grahamf's Avatar
    From what I have seen it appears to be unintuitive to use, but I'm not ruling it out before I can get a closer look.
    And I have a tendency to kill my watches, so mine are about $20-$40.
    05-13-10 10:21 PM
  6. luqman24's Avatar
    i'm surprised it has only one button and no date on the time screen. I think i'll pass on this version.

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    05-13-10 11:29 PM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    No thanks. For a watch, I prefer one of these.

    05-13-10 11:36 PM
  8. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    I'll stick to my diamond Tag Heuer
    05-14-10 08:49 AM
  9. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    I'm a complete watch/gadget hound, but I'll pass on this first version.

    With the horrific battery life currently on my Verizon 9630 (thanks for the lousy OS "upgrade" big red!), anything that drains it further would be bad news.

    Now, if they made a version with a microphone built in so I could reply to messages with vlingo . . . then we'd be talking! (Never mind that you'd look like **** Tracy talking to his spy watch . . .)
    05-14-10 09:05 AM