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    I am designing a new BlackBerry as part of BlackBerry OS 8 Vision, before finishing it, I would like what you guys would like to see in the next BlackBerry OS 8 QNX Line-up.
    09-25-11 12:37 PM
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    8mp+ camera with autofocus
    09-25-11 01:25 PM
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    Torch (9810) form factor with a ~3.5-3.6" screen at 640960 res, NFC, Back-lit trackpad, Front Facing camera, 1GB Ram, Dual-Core Processor, Retain the auto-focus camera from the Torch 9810, charging pod contacts.
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    09-25-11 06:09 PM
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    i'm going to get roasted for this, but i suggest keeping it original as much as can be--stick with a tried and true classic that has worked for a decade.

    the hard keyboard must stay. touch keyboards are too Android and iOS to me. and are not as good to use. plus you rely on a screen that can be broken. even a broken LCD phone can dial if there is a keyboard, but without the touch one, you're SOL

    i would like a flash, since the BB is currently (at least the ones i see now) without. time to catch up!

    screen size is not a big deal for me, i use it as a tool, to make it a larger screen sacrifices some of the mobility. i still cannot grasp why folks would carry around a huge 7" smartphone-in-a-tablet (iPad) anyway. get a laptop geesh! if i want a movie i'll use my larger HDTV thanks.

    BTW i do love how you used a Curve (or Bold i cannot tell) i sure love mine. cheap, older but still useable just how i like 'em
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    09-25-11 07:12 PM