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    Okay, I am here to tell my story to anyone else who may be debating this. As my contract ended at the end of July I needed a new phone to upgrade my iPhone 3g. Of course the two I was stuck between were the Bold 9700 and iPhone 4. Not to spoil the ending but I chose the Bold 9700, and here's why.

    I originally went to my AT&T store in my hometown (still on the Edge network, no 3g yet =/) Anyways I tried out the two devices, as for texting I had an unfair advantage of using an iphone for 2 years now, but I enjoyed being able to talk in my area's "slang" without auto correct fixing words on me. Of course you can turn off an iPhones auto correct, but with a touch screen its kinda needed cause mistakes are a guarantee. That was my first plus. Then to add to Apple's problems, I tried to run the internet on the Edge network to see how it worked for when I wont be home and can't rely on my wifi. Anyways NONE of the iPhone's would connect were as the blackberry was quit swift. Of course the AT&T sales people made up numerous excuses (they do anything to sell them iphones), but they had to to reboot them 3 times just to get this thing to connect... not very reliable eh? Taking into consideration I was moving to Philly in 2 months I headed to the closes city AT&T store that had 3G. Anyways I was still not impressed and well, still the blackberry seemed to be more efficient or perform just as well as the iPhone on the 3G. O and I was looking into the Palm Pre Plus too.... Umm ya just no don't get it if your wondering hahaha. So, then after a few nights good sleep I decided to get the Blackberry. Well the sales people there once again did EVERYTHING to steer me to the iPhone, I asked about the problems and such, and of course again excuses... I do quote this; I told them that my Iphone 3G surfed the web faster than the iPhone 4, there response "Well the iPhone 4 here is running the EDGE network"...... And what did they think the blackberry across the room was on something different?, or the phone in my pocket was running something special? So frustrated with my treatment, I went to Wal-Mart to purchase my phone, well plus i saved $120 buying it there....
    And from my personal experience I completely LOVE my blackberry compared to my iPhone. O ya there's less flare and such, but it works amazing, its a simple thing called "Function over Form". I've had better coverage, I love the way Blackberry does E-mail, and being a captain of a hockey team being able to group all my teammates helps a ton! I can remind them all what time the game is with much more ease. After weeks of owning it I have no regrets and am very pleased with my decision. Even my girlfriend who has a Droid, has told me she is jealous of my phone and would rather it over hers. So all you Android users that come on here and say we make things up about going back to Blackberry should shut it.

    In the end this is my conclusion to anyone out there: Yes the iPhone is a great phone especially if your in a good area of coverage, plus it has more features and physical appeal (well to some, I think BB's are damn sexy), but ask yourself do you want a phone or entertainment? Even when I had my iphone I rarely used all them fancy apps... I used it for e-mail, the web, and phone calls/texts. Plus now the antenna problems only solution being a case or "just hold it different", ask yourself do you really want a case on your phone, I know I don't. (i do use Zagg to protect the screen and that's it)

    I just find Blackberry's to be a better Phone. The calls seem to be better, I love my keyboard, the E-mail is superb, and it carry's it's weight on the web.

    Hope I was able to either entertain you or help you.
    07-18-10 02:02 PM
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    Thanks for the honest assessment.
    I too went from iphone 3G to BB.

    The big things for me were:
    1. Typing. I love the Surepress on the BB Storm.
    2. Battery life. The iphone rarely made it throught the day.
    3. Call quality is miles ahead on the BB.
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    Oh, and brace yourself for all the Android/Apple trolls that are about to post.
    07-18-10 03:29 PM
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    Hahaha trolls!

    O yes the battery life is ALOT better, how dare I forget that, that is a biggy! If I was running some late nights there where times were my iphone just barely or didnt make it to the end. My Blackberry has proved to be quite the cross country runner where as the iPhone was a sprinter in battery life. Don't understand that metaphor then you also don't appreciate the Olympics haha.
    and phone quality was something that apple needs to work on, I had a hard time hearing calls in busy places, def wasn't loud enough.
    Plus I find it to be a lot easier to text in bright sunlight, were the iphone screen was hard to see outside.
    07-18-10 03:43 PM
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    The iPhone 4 battery is ALMOST better than the 9700's. The iP4 CAN make it through the day off...and I'm talking about heavy texting, e-mail, browsing, etc. 1-3 generation iPhone batteries SUCKED, but iP4 battery is way better than those. And yes, I have a 9700 and iP4, and the iP4 does every thing better than the 9700. Its just much easier on the iP4. I'll probably end up giving my 9700 to my little nephew to play with. No need for BBM, when my friends have IM clients on their phones with push. On that note, the iPhone 4 is the BEST phone out right now...with a bumper on, of course. But I don't mind, I put ALL my phones in cases...Blackberries, too.
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