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    FYI, a new service is available to Send and Reply to E-mails using VOICE. It is completely integrated into the addressbook and phone and e-mail menus...first of it's kind. See extremeadvance website...there is a free unlimited use trial period going on
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    They can't post the link, not enough posts, but anyways HERE is the link...looks well overpriced for me...and has more restrictions then a carriers TOS..lol

    11.25 minutes each month (45 messages of 15 seconds length). Service is available to use 3:30 AM - 7 PM Pacific Timezone, 7 days per week, excepting Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day.
    The minutes when issued, have a expiration of 31 days, and must be utilized in that time. Whenever usage exceeds the minutes remaining, extra minutes will be charged at $1.78 per minute in blocks of 4 minutes (extra blocks of minutes purchased will typically rollover to the subsequent month)
    You also agree to not use profane or sexually explicit language while using the service.
    lol what if I need to send out a really angry email..fomcl
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    Ah, yes....those darn forum rules!
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