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    A well written article of a young hiker who lost his life doing what he loved, he used his blackberry to tap out final messages to loved ones.


    "Months after his death, Gillies' parents received the cellphone he had with him. It did not receive a signal in the Canyon, but Gillies used it to tap out two memos to friends and family.

    "Life is good whether it is long or short," Gillies wrote. "I was fortunate enough to do and see much more than most, and for that good fortune, I am most thankful."

    His messages included dashes of humor. He wrote that he was thankful he had his BlackBerry because it was easier to use it instead of chiseling a message in the rocks. He said he believed in God and was unsure what the afterlife held, " . . . but I hope there is water," he wrote.

    His battery dying, Gillies typed out a final sentence: "I feel like going into the wild is a calling all feel, some answer and some die for."

    Full article:
    Grand Canyon adventure turned tragic
    01-05-10 01:17 PM
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    Thanks for sharing this. My family would only be left with funeral costs. I would probably forget to remove the password.

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    01-05-10 01:34 PM
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    thats crazy I feel bad now
    01-05-10 03:01 PM