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    I'm having issues with my Curve 8330 for the last couple weeks though the issue became major today when my phone stopped responding entirely.

    I'm using a loaner phone and oddly enough, it always seemed to stop functioning when I'm at work (fast food) so I leave it with my stuff instead of keeping it around the hot equipment. That was never an issue with any of my other devices so I probably should have addressed it a while ago.

    Generally what would happen is that my screen would go back and then the keys and track ball would no longer be recognized by the phone. A battery pull usually fixed this. However, it did not fix it today. The screen remains black although whenever I put the battery back in the phone, the screen lights up and shows the BELL logo and my LED is constantly blinking red as I have about a dozen missed emails, texts, messages and phone calls now.

    If I plug the phone in, the screen lights up and shows me that the phone is charging, showing the proper time, showing the proper date and all of my missed alerts. I tried calling it today as well, the screen lit up but I could not answer the call.

    The OS is and I could not tell you what my free memory is since I can`t access my phone. I need to backup my data before I get my own device back from repair and I don`t want to lose my information as I`ve had this phone for a couple months and I`ve neglected to do a backup since formatting my computer last week.

    I have also tried pulling out the battery and taking out my mini SD card then placing the battery back in, however nothing has worked so far.

    I`m not sure what I can do as the most important thing on my phone right now are my emails (I do delete ones that I have no need for), my address book and calender. Any
    03-21-10 09:37 PM
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    So the phone just started working again. I did a backup first and checked my file free second. I have over 23 MB free so it should not be an issue about that
    03-21-10 10:20 PM