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    My sister is going to travel for a bit and we were trying to pick a phone for her nomad new way of life.

    She leaned on a BB 9550 and I was impressed by the range of carriers support. It seemed the right option right the way. Unfortunately, BB comes with baggage and I would like to clarify some stuff.

    Since she will be spending a few months in several different countries, It can't be tied to a contract. Is the BB data plan tied to a contract/ phone number/ device / any other thing.

    Can she swap between BB data plans in different carriers and still accessing her account?

    Can she suspend her account in one carrier and later one sign with another one in another country without any problem?

    What accounts is this? Just BB? any Email account?

    Because of this data surcharge I start to think that the BB is not really a world phone. If she is in some place that only has wi-fi, but had no BB data plan, then she can't access her email?

    Lots of questions, but after searching, I didn't find much information about this specific usage.

    Maybe I should just ignore CDMA support and go for an GSM world phone and then no need to think about data surcharges and if I can access the internet.

    Actually: If I wanted to change CDMA carriers how would that work?
    11-28-10 07:45 PM
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    I've been searching a bit for CDMA phones but I can't find much information about mobility (which i find a bit weird..)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    11-29-10 12:09 PM