1. BBMINI's Avatar
    Just an FYI post to say that I had my first thorough opportunity to use BlackBerry Traffic over the last 3 days and it worked very well. I was in NH and driving to/from various cities and locations and was able to find locations easily even when I had minimal info, and the scrolling instructions were reliable and got me where I wanted to go. I also confirmed (accidentally a couple times) that if you don't follow the BB directions the instructions will in fact recalculate and create a new route. We actually had a Garmin GPS system with us that we initially were using in conjunction with BB, but when the Garmin couldn't find a relatively remote address (a house out in the country) we gave up and used only BB Traffic after that.

    In fairness to GPS systems that announce/read you the directions, I will say that some (but definitely not all) of the time my wife would read me the scrolling directions so I wouldn't have to keep glancing at the BB. But I also found I could keep the BB on my thigh and glance down easily, or sometimes put it on the dash and read it as well. So following complex directions in a downtown area would definitely be more challenging than using BB Traffic for highway driving since you have to look at the device more often, but I was glad to confirm that it's a functional, worthwhile, helpful app so thought I'd post a note.
    12-21-10 05:00 PM
  2. i7guy's Avatar
    Agreed cool app.

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    12-21-10 11:21 PM
  3. sedalia066's Avatar
    Agreed, cool app. Been using this for several weeks on my daily commute. So far been more accurate than the local radio in terms of traffic reporting. Not perfect but darned good. This one comes recommended by me.
    12-22-10 08:09 AM