1. efsalesman's Avatar
    I cant get my BB to sync all my contacts (2500) does anyone else have this problem?
    10-26-09 12:49 PM
  2. catusjack's Avatar
    Damn, I'm in my 60's and don't think I've meet 2500 people in my lifetime - well, that many that I cared enough about to put on my contact list.
    02-14-10 08:38 PM
  3. scottsheehan's Avatar
    Lol I don't think I know 2500 names lol

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    02-14-10 10:59 PM
  4. KeriCarter's Avatar
    I am having the same problem with my Bold 9000. I have around as many contacts (90% work related) and only about 50 of them sync before it just seems to get stuck and time out. I will keep looking for another avenue and if I figure it out, I will update here for you.
    02-15-10 01:33 AM
  5. google123's Avatar
    2500. lol.
    02-15-10 06:12 AM