1. liamoshea's Avatar
    I just got my new Blackberry torch (first smartphone for me, love the move up from t9 ) But I'm having a problem with the Wifi. When it connects to my wireless it works for about 30 seconds and then actually crashes the wifi system, having me reset the router to make it work again. Reading around I suspect this has something to do with N Routers and F Routers (not sure if I'm correct about that) Are there any solutions short of buying a new router? The router is about 2-3 years old. Thanks!
    10-14-10 10:19 PM
  2. hjkld's Avatar
    I had a similar problem - my Torch connected to my network, I had internet access for about a minute too and then it dropped out totally, disconnecting every device in my house.

    I'm not sure about N routers or F routers but I have a BT Home Hub and I solved my issue by changing my router from WPA to WEP (128bit).

    Hope this helps!

    10-19-10 09:08 AM