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    Selecting Text

    Press shift once and then roll the trackwheel/trackball to select a line, or multiple lines, of text.
    Press and hold shift and roll the trackwheel to select text character by character. If you use a trackball, you can simply use #1 above and select the text character by character.

    Cut, Copy and Paste Text

    When editing text, Shift + Del (the delete key) cuts text.
    Press Alt and click the trackwheel/trackball to copy text.
    Shift and click the trackwheel/trackball to paste text.

    Shortcuts for Typing Text

    To insert the at sign (@) and period in an email address, press the Space bar for each when entering the email address.
    To capitalize a letter, simply hold the letter until the capitalized letter appears.
    In a number field (like a phone number field), just press the number keys to enter numbers. You do not need to press the Alt key to enter numbers, like you would in the body of an email.

    If you have a favorite Blackberry tip for editing text, please feel free to share it in the comments!
    12-27-10 04:24 AM