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    Had an issue trying to access the link to native app BB Maps from Blackberry web site (Laptops Dead). Called Vz tech support who amazingly connected me in 5 minutes to BB Tech Support. Told them my situation and although they could not correct the problem with the link, they were very interested in what I thought they could do to improve their customer relations. I was sent a survey that included the usual pick one questions and rate by number. What was nice was a large blank box to explain in my own words any thoughts or suggestions for their improvement. Filled it out last night.

    Today at noon I received a phone call from BB Tech support to further discuss my issues with the Ota link and my other views. I was taken back that they are sincerely reaching out to improve the "entire" Blackberry experience. I stated that they should remove the link since it does not work. Make available ALL BB native apps in links for OTA download. I explained that not all smartphone users are technically inclined whether they have computer access or not. Also that even though some of the native apps like Docs2Go and BBm are available on App world, not all countries have access to a working version of Appworld. She was very sincere and I am really encouraged that RIM is finally getting its act together!
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    04-25-12 02:32 PM
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    I'm glad your experience was satisfying, I've only had two dealings with RIM customer service and both times I was satisfied with the politeness that I received also.
    04-25-12 02:39 PM
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    Hey spencer, its good to hear that this may be the new normal!
    04-25-12 02:42 PM
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    Hey, what's going on.....from the war stories I hear, I sure hope so
    04-25-12 02:44 PM
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    Just work as usual. Got some more HD walls for ya. I'll send em to you later this week. Its been a heck of a work week for me already. I do think RIM is getting its sh!t together. Starting with the customer first.
    04-25-12 03:10 PM
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    I have always had good luck with Rims tech support. The few times I had to call they made sure that my complaint was taken care of before we got off the phone.

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    04-25-12 04:02 PM
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    I had an issue a while back with my BIS going on and off and when I called Tmo, they could not help so I asked them to connect me to RIM.

    My dealings with RIM were nothing but professional, courteous and also very informative.

    I was very happy with the way things went...

    Here is a link to the thread I created about this experience if anyone is interested in reading it: http://forums.crackberry.com/t-mobil...ce-tmo-691227/
    04-25-12 04:17 PM
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    Thanks for sharing Chaviv. Its good to share the positive sides for a change!
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    04-25-12 05:54 PM