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    I currently do not have a Blackberry, but am seriously looking into getting a Strom 9530 Unlocked. I am a bit confused by many threads/posts on BIS and BES.

    I currently live in Europe 8 to 9 months of the year, also spend time in the United states around 4 months a year. And I travel a great deal as a consultant and often spend a month or two in another location.

    I am looking at the 9530 to allow me to have one phone, currently I have two. One smart phone always connected to my home network for email and contacts and such, and another for roaming.

    Now I am confused about the BIS. If my blackberry is registered on a GSM network in Europe all the time, and I travel to the US and subscribe to Verizon, and when I leave put my Verizon account to sleep so to speak.

    I read that the BIS is not problem, I just need blackberry data from the carrier subscribing with. But I also read that I must cancel my home account in Europe and create a new BIS account on the new carrier. This contradicts each other.

    Can some one help me understand BIS, or do I need a separate hosted BES to make this all work.

    What I am looking for it to carry one phone. The Storm 9530 has this option, as I am interested in Verizon as all my colleagues and friends have Verizon in the US, and that is a great many free phone calls. I do not mind paying a bit extra,

    So please help me understand?

    All the best
    03-31-09 04:32 AM