1. dylanishot's Avatar

    my BlackBerry Storm's indicator light doesn't work.

    I went to options -> screen/keyboard -> and it's on.

    I'm not in bedside mode.

    WHAT DO I DO?! It actually never worked, when I first got it it's OS was .75

    I just udated it about a week ago to .148

    That's the latest OS right? I want my light to blink when I have a SMS or somethingggg! gahh, HELP MEE!! :-)

    Also, my camera/videocamera never worked either. I've gotten used to it and just put photos on it from my comuter using media manager and my micro-USB. But I would REALLY like it to work.

    I didn't buy my Storm from the verizon store. My Storm works great these are my only two problems. Indicator light & Camera.

    What if I took into the Verizon Store, would they be willing to take a look at it? Or can someone tell me what to do? Help a fellow Berry :-)

    *P.S - Could my camera jack be loose? I tried pressing around the camera lens but nothing clicked. I get that "could not start camera please close other applications and try again" message.

    Thannnnnnnnk you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *P.S.S - battery pulls DO NOT work
    06-16-09 11:25 PM
  2. nelsonn's Avatar
    There are two things you can try:

    Options->Screen/Keyboard->LED Coverage Indicator (turn on)

    Open your clock application and click the blackberry button. Select "Enter Bedside Mode". Then go back in and click "Exit Bedside Mode".

    If these both fail to get your LED indicator working, then you have a fault with your phone. I had the same problem, but with my 7130.
    06-24-09 04:56 PM