1. Barmalei's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    I have a Storm (unlocked), which I brought from USA and use in Israel (Orange).
    Everything works great, but the major and only problem is the dialing from address book. I use it with BES and it is properly activated, while no special policy used on ES.
    The problem is, that when I try to dial a number (for example 050-6664354) from address book, it gets "Number Unobtainable". While dialing the same number manually the call is going through.
    I tried it with a number of latest OSes, but nothing helps.
    03-24-09 06:25 AM
  2. refund's Avatar
    In case you are still having issues, here is the resolve:

    Hit the green call button/blackberry button/options/smart dialling - and under the country code option choose unknown

    I just solved this problem my self tonight for my BB Bold after reading another post on here for a similar issue someone had. I assume the fix will work on your storm, GL.
    05-04-09 12:13 PM