1. putraaaa's Avatar
    Has anybody updated the new version for BB storm?..
    Ive just installed the new version, and it already giving me problem.

    i couldnt change my tone for sms and etc..
    theres no preview when you highlight the tone..giving out no tone...and when you set up your preferred tone..E.g sms tone to BBpro_Sanguine..when receive sms. The tone will give a BBpro_gunh **.....bloody wierd....

    if anybody has any problem..Reply please.. so i will check mine and see if its the same...know what i mean..

    they added full QWERTY keyboard on portrait mode.
    A better edit on sms..If you have mistake on it and you have to change the word or etc..theres this small box that would help you..or point out...

    Specification of mine BB storm:
    vodafone...(buts is made in hungary, I think its suck)
    bought it at overseas..
    unlock BB storm 9500
    05-20-09 02:22 AM