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    Dear All,

    Just been given a work BB storm and I apologise up front for my limited tecchy knowledge. Not sure if I can ask 3 questions in one post but here goes..

    We use outlook exchange. Now 6 employees have BB Storms, but don't have BES. What I need to know is how to do the following - or if indeed they are possible.

    1. If I am working on my laptop and my BB is on, and an email comes in it goes to both devices. If I read it on my laptop, I then want it automatically be marked as read on my BB otherwise - I have to read my mails twice

    2. I apply rules in Outlook to sort my emails ie all emails from James automatically go into a folder called James. I can see these folders on my BB but there are no emails listed - even if I sync using Desktop manager. Therefore at the moment I do not receive any emails from James on my BB (I have now turned the rules off but this is a pain)

    3. Can I sync my calender etc using Bluetooth via desktop manager - at the moment only a USB option appears - but there is a greyed out reference to BT - I used to be able to do this using my Nokia E50...

    Thanks in advance

    04-20-09 03:09 AM
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    I asked this one is well about 3 weeks ago, no replies yet. good luck. I suspect no dice.
    05-15-09 11:28 PM
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    sorry I didn't see the thing about BT, mine would not work with my old BT (that worked with my moto. So, before buying yet another, I took a chance and used the one from my microsoft presenter mouse. It works perfectly (but is a little slower than the usb cable). so i suspect it is either a specification (old or not perfectly in line with the BB) or a hardware issue. You also need to set it to handle data transfer (in the BT setups)
    05-15-09 11:31 PM